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The Nitty Gritty

Planning a  photo shoot is full of…

Stress? Overwhelming anxiety? Countless hours of Pinterest surfing;)?

Well, it doesn’t have to be! Don’t overthink it. The goal is to look like your outfits all “go” together, but not look too matchy-matchy, right?

My biggest tip is this: CLOTHES MATTER

Pick what you feel beautiful in… what fits you best. To me it’s all about the fit, not what is trendy right now. If something compliments your figure, it will photograph well.  Use your outfit as the “inspiration piece” and then build around it.

Remember to mix patterns (polka dots, plaid, stripes) to shake things up! Just stay within your color scheme and you will be good! Also, remember texture photographs really well (embroidery, knits, etc), so have fun with that as well.

Accessories!! Hats, chunky jewelry, ties, sport coats, SIMPLE shoes all make for better images.

check colors outside--lots of green means no green for you

navy blue and black make images dingy--don't be afraid of bold colors

Bring your Dog

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