Don't Say Cheese. Please!

I have pretty much fallen in love with every kid I've photographed. They are funny, do unexpected things and generally speaking, keep all my sessions fun. Here's the catch. Behind almost every kid is a well- intentioned parent yelling "say cheese", brushing hair, fixing collars...Sure I like help. Who doesn't? But the funny thing is I don't ALWAYS want your kids smiling or your assistance. Too many cooks in the kitchen.Well that's weird. Don't we all want photos of kids looking happy? Answer: No. Some of my favorite images are kids looking dreamy, serious, contemplative..even sad. We have a huge range of emotions. Why not capture them all? So thanks, but no thanks for the help. Let me take the reins and you can just sit back (literally) and wait for your images. Because "cheese" rarely gets the results any of us wants (think school pictures)..Let's wait for real laughter to get those happy shots.

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